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3 Smart Devices For The Home That Busy Parents Will Love

When working more than 35 hours a week, there is little time for chores, doing homework with children, and preparing meals. Everything is going so fast the week. Fortunately, there are several smart home automation devices that can help busy parents with their daily tasks. I present you three in this article.

Nest Cam IQ indoor surveillance camera

No matter how old your kids are, you'll love the features of the Nest Cam IQ indoor surveillance camera . If your children are old enough to come back from school alone, you will know each night if they have come home at the agreed time. If you go out on a Saturday night and leave your teens alone, you can also easily find out if they've turned your house into an open house. This camera can also be placed in the room of a baby or a young child.

With its HD resolution, 130-degree viewing angle, and day and night camera, you'll be able to see if your little one sleeps peacefully without having to enter his room and risk waking him up.

Nest's Wi-Fi x Yale smart lock with Nest Connect

When you have kids going to high school, managing the house keys can be problematic. When we were young, we all at least once forgot our keys and had to wait for our parents on the porch (or use more or less original methods to enter the house).

The wireless intelligent lock x Yale Nest Nest Connect comes literally eliminate this problem. This lock can be locked and unlocked using a smartphone. And that's the kind of device a teenager will not forget. But if he ever forgets, he can still unlock the door using the keypad. You can, in fact, create a password for each member of your family. He will not forget it. And as with the camera, you'll know every night if your child is home, because you receive an alert directly on your smartphone every time a person unlocks or locks the door. You even have access to the history.

The Google Home Smart Speaker

No matter how old our children are, they always have lots of questions to ask. Sometimes we have the answer, other times we do not have it. For example, the other day, my 4-year-old daughter asked me why there was water in the clouds. With a smart speaker like Google Home , you can more easily get the answers to your questions.

This device can obviously be useful during homework, but also in other times of the day. Looking for a recipe that will please the whole family? Ask Google! Do you want to know if it will be sunny at the end of the week? Google will tell you!

Home automation for all

These were just a few examples of smart home automation products that will help you on a daily basis. Keep checking our Tech Deals of the Month to find more gadgets for your home.

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