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Advice on Cleansing Your Skin

It is important to have beautiful skin and take care of her face. Cleaning your skin can sometimes be a tedious task for those who do not have the necessary tools.

Not cleansing your skin regularly will give you oily skin because of excess oil and this can promote the appearance of blackheads, which is not the most elegant for a woman (or even a man). It is moreover, the obligatory step before a good makeup. Here are some tips to help you prepare for effective skin cleansing. Clean your skin daily for beautiful skin cleanse skinDaily skin cleansing is ideal for radiant skin. Indeed, it will be less difficult and faster to wash his skin if this action is done regularly.

The skin cleansing can be carried out twice a day

In the morning

It is important to make a good cleaning in the morning. At night, the skin regenerates and produces sebum and impurities due to perspiration.

In the evening

The day the skin accumulates impurities that must be hunted. It is also necessary to eliminate makeup when making up. We will start by removing her skin with a makeup remover adapted to it. Then, we will pass a washing gel that will purify the skin. It will end with a rinse with cold water that allows to tighten the pores. For effective cleansing, start by dilating the pores of the face for better efficiency. For this, you can simply take a hot shower (be careful not to drag when you go out to keep the pores dilated) or put your face over a bowl of boiling water (cover your head a towel to keep the heat) for about 10 min.

Deep cleansing

A deep cleansing of the skin from time to time is to consider. It depends of course on your skin type: if you have sensitive or dry skin, then do not go over a deep cleaning every two weeks. For normal , mixed and oily skin , it is possible to do a deep cleansing more regularly: once a week is a good frequency (2 times if you have oily skin).

Many people find the use of an ultrasonic facial cleanser very beneficial for deep cleaning their skin.

The steps

Massage the skin of the face for 1 to 2 min with an exfoliating gel and rinse with warm water. 

Apply a face mask. This preserves the brightness and freshness of your skin and eliminates impurities. Your skin must have been thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Apply your mask in a thick layer. Wait about 10 minutes for the mask effect to work. After this time, remove the mask with lukewarm water. You can finish by applying a toning lotion to your face. It is a good complement that eliminates any remaining impurity.

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