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Anti-Wrinkle Devices -A Comparison Guide For 2019

You want to restore radiance to your wrinkled face? Or would you simply like to have a face that looks better? The wrinkle treatments have diversified over time because of scientific prowess. Nowadays, there exists on the market, a multitude variant of anti - wrinkle devices with high performance . These sophisticated tools are equipped with different technologies to fight differently the traces of age. At home or in an institute, you can enjoy the benefits of these devices available on all budgets. To help you get the best device for your anti-wrinkle care, we have selected ten top performers on the market.


Technoscience has made it possible to use several types of tools to rejuvenate in the most efficient way with minimal rebound effects. The anti-wrinkle devices are sophisticated mini-machines allowing the user to fade the traces and folds of aging on his face. There are an impressive number of these devices, but not all of them have the same characteristics. The peculiarity of these mini-machines is that they are efficient, manageable, act in depth and provide home care. Many specialists strongly recommend the use of anti-aging devices because of their effectiveness and practicality. You have the perfect opportunity to sweep in the sweetest way, the signs and traces of time without using the scalpel, or cosmetics sometimes irritating to your skin. This type of high-tech cosmetic care is the best solution for getting a flawless skin from your bathroom. From simple technologies to the most advanced, you have everything you need for a skin zero defect. See also: Our complete guide to slow the aging of the skin !


The choice of an anti-aging device is quite delicate. You must consider several criteria in order to adapt the device to your beauty needs. To do this, here are the main criteria for selecting a quality anti-aging device: Embedded technology There are a lot of anti-wrinkle devices on the market, but not all are designed the same way. Several innovative and revolutionary technologies are available to you, but the most important is to choose the most effective for your care. Each technology has its particularity, so it is up to you to choose the one that will be useful for treating wrinkles and folds of skin aging. The area of ​​care The choice of your device should take into account the area of ​​care. If you want to treat neck wrinkles, you must choose a versatile device or that can allow you to wear anti-wrinkle care on this part of the body. There are only devices designed for the face and others designed for the face and body. So, if you want to treat the face, facial massage devices are recommended. On the other hand, if several parts of the body are concerned by the care, a polyvalent device (face + body) is thus recommended. The performance Your skincare tool should be able to offer you better results. However, the results come with the time, which means that you can not notice a change in 24 hours as is the case with anti-blackheads or black spots tools. The performance here is a function of the quality of care worn on your epidermis. In addition a powerful anti-aging device is painless and does not irritate the skin. It is true that you can see some redness or tingling that fade immediately after care, but nothing alarming. ergonomics and safety Your tool must offer you a comfortable use of quality. In addition, the device must be easy to use and maintain to allow you to use the tool better. Maneuverability and practicality are also to be considered at this level. Opt for effective care tools certainly, but ergonomic and lightweight to help you reach all areas of your face with ease.


Beauty tools and accessories have evolved over time. Nowadays, you can have anti-aging electric devices equipped with different technologies for rather impressive results. Between phototherapy, electro-stimulation ... and cryo-technology, several manufacturers have relied on high technology to treat and eliminate traces and signs of time on your faces. The different anti-aging technologies are:

Ultrasound technology

The anti-wrinkle devices with ultrasound technology are equipped with a high-performance sonic vibration system.

Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser

This sonic vibration helps to tone the skin by stimulating its elasticity and thus restoring the suppleness of the epidermis. This technology aims to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and age creases on your face while promoting cell renewal. This technology presents almost no risk, but offers several advantages to its user (trice).

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Electrostimulation technology

This medical technology uses electrodes to fight against skin aging. The electrostimulation tools are very simple to use and look in the skin, small electroshocks. It is these electroshocks that stimulate and gently tone the subcutaneous muscles of your face. The effects of this electrostimulation are beneficial for the user, and the device is virtually painless with a visible result after a few sessions.

The technology of light therapy (photo-stimulation)

Colors are now used as part of removing unwanted aging creases from your face. Light therapy uses LED lights to eliminate wrinkles or all types of aging creases. The treatment is done according to the choice of colors. For anti-wrinkle treatment, the red LED light is used. On the other hand, blue is used to treat acne pimples.


Cold has always been used to relieve some pain. However, new technologies are using cold to treat the aging folds of the skin. Cryotherapy diffuses the cold on the skin, between 3 and 5 ° C to stimulate the contraction of the cutaneous muscles. This makes the skin tissues firmer. Over time, your skin loses its elasticity and there is a relaxation of muscle.

Pulsed light technology

This technology also relies on light sources to eliminate the signs or folds of aging skin. Here, the light is directly projected on the epidermis in successive flash, thus producing a heat that stimulates the cutaneous cells responsible for the production of elastin and collagen. This production has a lifting effect and anti-wrinkle, which allows you to fight against the folds of old age of your skin.

Microdermabrasion technology

This is one of the best known technologies in the field of face care. Microdermabrasion technology appealed to professionals and dermatologists. Regenerated skin cells, your skin regains its youth and radiance. Your skin is not only regenerated, but also freed from all its impurities, including dead skin cells.

Thermal energy technology

You have a device that uses cold and heat to fight wrinkles and aging skin. It differs from cryo-technology in that there is one more option, that of heat, but the operation remains the same. The heat promotes the oxygenation of the epidermis facilitating the production of collagen. The cold as for him encloses the skin. Thus, thermal energy technology combines cold and heat for optimal results.

Oxygen propulsion technology

The effectiveness of this technology has drawn the eyes and curiosity of several stars like Madona , Naomi Campbell and many others. The cell oxygenation technology diffuses oxygen into the subcutaneous cells or muscles, allowing said epidermal cells to regenerate. Your skin is not only rejuvenated, but also free of all impurities. Oxygenation technology devices are accessible to everyone.

Ionizing technology (dermionology)

This technology is similar to that of oxygenation since they use oxygen. However, ionizing technology diffuses oxygen charged with negative ions into the skin cells. The diffused negative ions optimize the production of collagen and consequently, limit the appearance of wrinkles or folds of skin aging.


The use of an anti-aging device is simple and intuitive. However, it is important to remember steps to take before you get started. From predispositions to treatment to contraindications, everything must be taken into account for more safety and efficiency of the tool.

Precautions before use

The use of an anti-aging device can not be improvised. You must first of all reassure yourself that you are eligible for this type of treatment. Also, wearing protective glasses is advisable when using light therapy (LED or pulsed). Moreover, for more security, test these lights on the skin of the arm well before the application on the face. If you have serious skin problems, it is better to consult a dermatologist rather than go directly to anti-aging care.


Anti-aging devices are contraindicated to pregnant women. Under no circumstances should these devices use these devices at the risk of degrading their skin. In addition, the Deess IPL DS1 is also prohibited for black skin.

How to apply

The application of the device is done by making circular movements for more efficiency. You can use cleaning gels on some devices. In this case, just apply the gel on the head of the device and voila.


Is there a danger in using this type of device?

The dangers of using anti-aging devices are minimal. However, it is important to read the instructions for use of each of these devices to properly use your anti-aging tool without any danger or risk.

How many times a week do I have to use it?

The frequency of use depends on the type of device. Some devices can be used daily while others do not really. Skin Radiance 3 in 1 for example is not used daily. A biweekly use is ideal for your face wrinkle care. Once again, carefully read the user guide for each device, if necessary seek advice from your dermatologist or specialist.


How to maintain your anti-aging device?

The maintenance of anti-aging devices is simple, easy and is done after each treatment. Just clean it with a damp, hygienic cloth. Regarding dermo-roller devices, you must disinfect this device after each use with a hydro-alcoholic solution. Wait until the device or dermo-roller dries before storing.

How much does a wrinkle device cost?

Anti-wrinkle devices are an investment. However, you must expect between 60 and 400 € to offer you a quality anti-wrinkle device.

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