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Examples of The Best USB Gadgets

Useful, funny, trendy, sometimes unusual, USB gadgets have the wind in their sails since the start of this technology. Far from being reserved only for geeks, they invade our offices and our homes. So, if you too are wondering what the best USB gadgets are, what are they for and where to find the best cheap USB gadgets, this article is for you!

What is a USB gadget?

The USB gadgets are a large family which includes all objects using this technology to work. When we talk about these 3 famous letters, we immediately think of USB sticks that provide us with valuable services when it comes to storing and transporting our documents. But it's far from the only possible application. USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus, is a technology that connects any device to a running computer. As Edouard Lamoine indicates , the device immediately detects the object, without the user needing to install a driver. This is called plug and play. Very popular for its simplicity , the connection via USB opens huge possibilities that gave birth to all kinds of objects, useful or fun: the famous USB gadgets.

The different types of USB gadgets

With the lower cost of these objects, the catalog of USB gadgets today on the market is plethoric. Here is a non-exhaustive inventory of USB gadgets that you can find, classified according to their use.

USB gadgets for the office

In this category, there are many gadgets supposed to facilitate the work or make life in the office more pleasant:

  • the great classics: USB mouse, UBS speakers or microphone
  • the USB fan
  • USB document shredders
  • the USB cup warmer, to work while keeping your coffee warm
  • Mini USB fridge to keep your drinks and lunch cool.

USB gadgets for the car

In this category, we once again find great classics of the genre:

  • USB fan
  • USB adapter for cigarette lighter
  • Glass breaker and USB belt cutter for optimum safety in the event of an accident.

USB geek gadgets

In the geek category, we find the most unlikely gadgets , which will delight technology lovers, as much as the curious looking for an original object. For example, you will be able to purchase:

  • a USB mini-mixer to make your milkshakes
  • a USB disco ball; • a mini barbecue with USB charger
  • or a USB electric arc lighter.

Where to find the best cheap USB gadgets?

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